Real Estate Development - A Lot More Than Just Investment

It is vital to take real estate developments very seriously. When you are investing money in a piece of land, you must make sure that you carry out the development such that you can ascertain the gains in future. Like various other businesses, it also demands many basic things.


To begin with, analyze and understand your goal completely. This helps in a maintained focus as well as, if you plan to hire some professional to do the development work for you, you will be able to provide them a clear viewpoint only when you yourself know what is to be done. Understanding the fact that whatever will be the resultant product will be responsible or returning your investment with good amount of interest rate, will help in putting forth maximum efforts from your side to get the best out of the land development. To set your objective, ask yourself the questions given below. 

  • What do you need?
  • What do you want to do with your land?
  • How can you achieve the result?
  • What will be its benefit after 5-10 years?
  • How much are you ready to spend?


While you can develop the land on your own, the catch is still to make others do what you want. Of course you are paying them, but as such if you are not experienced enough to undertake that task, you must hire experts. Additionally they will also tell you the trend of the current market and potentials of the future market, how you can use your land better for developmental purposes and what additional changes can be made to your proposal so as to make it more profitable.


Planning is most important. It is a key to achieve your target within a time slot and in a predefined budget. When you execute a plan step by step, you know that nothing is left behind, and you are certain that the functioning is smooth. It also helps in efficient usage of time as every step or level is allotted a time period. This directly affect the budget as more is the time, more will be the money spent.


Always remember that the land for development is not for your living purposes, but for selling. So when the ultimate aim is to sell, then know the requirements of the potential buyers. You can do this by keeping yourself updated with the trends of the property. The end product is what the buyer will look at, so how does it look like? What will be the value of the asset? How much profit will you gain after subtracting the minor and major expenditure? Is the profit sufficient? If not, then how can you make more profit from existing land? What will be the trend of property after a certain period of time?


It is not that you need to follow the traditional ways to develop the land; you can always experiment, given that you are ready to. So always look beyond the limits.


Todd Hill is a real estate entrepreneur that has over two decades of experience in the industry. With a background in marketing and real estate development, Todd knows exactly how to bring those high-end finishes to every FLIP. Todd is highly experienced at evaluating and acquiring properties, navigating difficult entitlement and permitting processes, managing infrastructure and project construction as well as directing all marketing and sales programs.

Contact him at or call him 913-927-0595.

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