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Trance Music Can Provide You With an Escape From Reality

Trance music is the way to escape from reality. These days we all need a path of escape, it is necessary. These are trying times for all of us, and we cannot allow stress and pressure to destroy our lives and our health. Meditative music is a non-destructive way to rid you body and mind of stress. It is a way to be free, to forget about all else that may be happening in our lives.


Too many people just bottle up their problems and negative emotions. This is very destructive…


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What Should Be Your USP for Hip Hop Beat Making?

For the ones who are addicted to the name hip hop beat there are certain guidelines that are needed to be followed. Like everyone hip hop cannot be made just by the blink of the eye or twist of the little finger. It has preferred methods, styles, creations and followings. Just like any other genre, hip hop has its own history, tradition and distinct characteristics that differentiate it from other music genres. Hip hop can be experimental in the sense that the beat can sometimes sound…


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Strategies to A Great Song Writing Experience

It's very normal for people to adore music and songs. Not surprisingly, music and songs works as a medium of conveying their emotions and feelings to people. And over time, development in music is incredibly evident and you will view it with the different music types continued to be made use of by numerous musicians internationally to exhibit their singing talents. Pop, rock, ballad, mellow, jazz, and RnB are only a few of the music genres used by vocalists on the subject of making songs. A…


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Top Trends in Beat Making

In case you missed it, there are some fresh new trends developing in beat making. This list details the most important ones. If you can adapt these to your productions, you're golden. If not - your beats might end up sounding like you created them in 2002.


  • Four to the floor. In case you're not familiar with what this means, it's a time signature. It implies that the kick drum sample has to be placed on each quarter note. This is mostly common in disco…

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Louis Jordan - One Of The Most Important Contributors To The Birth Of Rock & Roll

Louis Jordan was one of the most important figures in the developing stages of rock and roll music;


  • Jordan came out of the New York big band swing scene in late 1930's
  • Leading his own band by 1942 playing a style called jump blues. Example is Caldonia (below)
  • Jump blues was the bridge between big band swing and rhythm & blues (R&B) of the late 40's
  • R&B of the late 40's emerged into Rock & Roll


He had it…


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Electrify Your Senses With Belly Dance Music

Belly dancing has been popularized over the years as a joyful woman's art, and why not, after all it has all the essential ingredients that make it worthy to be cherished at moments of joy or woe. Now days belly dancing is not only practiced by female dancers, even male dancers all over have taken a deep interest in this form of art. This dance form was made popular by the Arabs, who called it raqs sharqi ("oriental dance"). With the passage of time, Belly dance has witnessed several…


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How to Appreciate Music? By Nadel Paris

Do you know the facts needed to be considered to appreciate music? Why do you listen to music? Which types of music make you feel the best?


In short, we can say, Music refers to an art whose real medium is silence and sound. The common elements of music are rhythm, dynamics, pitch and the sonic qualities of texture and timbre. Since the starting of music-industry, music has developed to that extent that none would have dreamed 400 years ago. Still, audio-visual presentation…


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Country Music History by Nadel Paris

The Beginning of Country Music


One thing that has always baffled me is the fact that whilst country music is one of the most popular genres of music in the United States, outside of the country it is not as well regarded. In fact, if you head on over to the United Kingdom you will find that it is an incredibly niche genre. Why is this baffling to me? Well, it is because country music history can be traced back to the Irish, who of course are very close to the…


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New Dimensions to Love And Explore New Music

How important alternative music can be for individuals, this question can only be perfectly answered by modern generation that has been fan of searching the out of the box ideas. The choice of modern world is a bit spicy and off the regular track followed by the world till now. This is the reason that everyone is in love with live band performances, concerts and open singing. These all forms of music are getting popular and the basic reason behind this is special feel of independence in…


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The Charisma of Classical Music Discussed by Nadel Paris

Classical music is one of the most cherished forms of music; however, there are not many takers on it. People who are classical composition fans will always resort to finding solace in listening to their favorite tunes coming from some of the best traditional music composers.


Many people who listen to this form of music find it quite complex. Hence, there is not much of real appreciation for this form of music, since it requires profound comprehension of musical notes. These…


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How to Enjoy Live Music Concerts?

Life is short and therefore it should be enjoyed to the fullest. There are many ways in which you can enjoy life without hurting the people around you. One common source of entertainment is the live music concert. It gives people a great feeling to watch their favorite musicians perform at a live music concert. Such concerts also serve as a platform for the musicians to showcase their talents.…


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Why New Orleans Jazz Is Special? By Nadel Paris

While Jazz is considered an American art form and particular to New Orleans, the question is often asked "Why?"


All styles of traditional jazz (swing, Kansas City, dixieland, Chicago, west coast) are unique for any number of reasons, but New Orleans is often thought of as first and foremost in the genre. This is mostly because New Orleans is where it all started. While most Americans were dancing to military marches in the late 1800s, New Orleans was…


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Make the Most Out of Your Musical Performance

When you play a musical instrument it is great to have goals to work towards. This could be a performance in a practical examination or a concert. It is natural to become nervous in these situations but there are ways which you can help yourself to enhance your performance. Here they are discussed by Nadel Paris:


  1. Are you well prepared? Make sure that you have done all the work and…

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Basic Etiquette Advice for Musicians by Nadel Paris

For some reason in this day and age, it seems that basic manners and etiquette are becoming taboo! Some of the experiences being seen these days from working with different musicians from all walks of life really opens your eyes to seeing who's in the music business for the long run and who's going to end up with the 9 to 5 shift flipping burgers for the rest of their lives instead of living out their dream in the music industry.


To a lot of people, the display of good…


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Guitar Music And The Concept Of Rhythm by Nadel Paris

Rhythm is a complicated concept and the word cannot be explained in a simple straightforward way.


It is a term which can be used to express several related ideas which are all, in some way, concerned with the "time" element in music. The specific terms of reference used by composers and musicians are pulse, stress, and speed.


To understand the functionality of pulse, stress, and speed, we must first learn the concept of pitch.


Pitch expresses…


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Music Hip Hop in Canada

Canada is known for its hip hop music that dates back to many years. Hip Hop Music in Canada was first established in 1980. The Hip Hop top music could not gain much appreciation in the very beginning as it was under pressure of Rock Music that was a forte in those days. People mostly loved listening to Rock Music but from early 2000's the scene started to change. The first album that was released by the Hip Hop artists was named "The Bum Rap" also, known as the Singing Fools. The first top…


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Nadel Paris - Best Hardstyle Music

Music is one of the only languages that even come close to being universally understood. It can be used to set any mood and, as studies prove, is capable of altering an individual's emotional state in a flash. However, there are many different genres of music, some well-known, and some not. This article will focus primarily on a specific musical genre called "Hardstyle". The object is to discuss what type of Hardstyle music is the best.


What is…


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Emergence Of Pop Music

The term 'pop' in 'pop music' is the abbreviation of 'popular'. Pop music refers to the ever-changing, popular musical taste of the masses. The main objective of making pop songs is for audience enjoyment and these songs are made with commercial success in mind.


Pop songs are characterized by strong and fast rhythm. The most commonly used themes in pop music are love, romance. Pop songs usually stick to mainstream styles which appeal to the majority. The structure of pop…


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Creating Rap Music Beats

When mixing your own beats, you have to do some arranging. Do you understand what arranging actually means?


Basically arranging is taking everything that you have written and combining it in such a manner that it has a pleasing sound to the ears, both yours and your listeners. This is not hard to understand. It seems like it would be a difficult process, and the actual process itself is not hard. Getting the sound the way that you really want it is the difficult…


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Networking Skills, the Path to a Lasting Entertainment Career

Investing time and money on education can contribute to one's career success. However, one area often neglected is the skills of networking. Most industry newcomers put off learning about them until their hopes are dashed and their finances nearly depleted.


Networking is the means by which we engage new business friends, seek out innovative and fresh ideas, find useful information, and foster connections that can grow into lasting partnerships. Networking can also secure jobs…


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