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Guitar Music And The Concept Of Rhythm by Nadel Paris

Rhythm is a complicated concept and the word cannot be explained in a simple straightforward way.


It is a term which can be used to express several related ideas which are all, in some way, concerned with the "time" element in music. The specific terms of reference used by composers and musicians are pulse, stress, and speed.


To understand the functionality of pulse, stress, and speed, we must first learn the concept of pitch.


Pitch expresses…


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Music Hip Hop in Canada

Canada is known for its hip hop music that dates back to many years. Hip Hop Music in Canada was first established in 1980. The Hip Hop top music could not gain much appreciation in the very beginning as it was under pressure of Rock Music that was a forte in those days. People mostly loved listening to Rock Music but from early 2000's the scene started to change. The first album that was released by the Hip Hop artists was named "The Bum Rap" also, known as the Singing Fools. The first top…


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Nadel Paris - Best Hardstyle Music

Music is one of the only languages that even come close to being universally understood. It can be used to set any mood and, as studies prove, is capable of altering an individual's emotional state in a flash. However, there are many different genres of music, some well-known, and some not. This article will focus primarily on a specific musical genre called "Hardstyle". The object is to discuss what type of Hardstyle music is the best.


What is…


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Emergence Of Pop Music

The term 'pop' in 'pop music' is the abbreviation of 'popular'. Pop music refers to the ever-changing, popular musical taste of the masses. The main objective of making pop songs is for audience enjoyment and these songs are made with commercial success in mind.


Pop songs are characterized by strong and fast rhythm. The most commonly used themes in pop music are love, romance. Pop songs usually stick to mainstream styles which appeal to the majority. The structure of pop…


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Creating Rap Music Beats

When mixing your own beats, you have to do some arranging. Do you understand what arranging actually means?


Basically arranging is taking everything that you have written and combining it in such a manner that it has a pleasing sound to the ears, both yours and your listeners. This is not hard to understand. It seems like it would be a difficult process, and the actual process itself is not hard. Getting the sound the way that you really want it is the difficult…


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Networking Skills, the Path to a Lasting Entertainment Career

Investing time and money on education can contribute to one's career success. However, one area often neglected is the skills of networking. Most industry newcomers put off learning about them until their hopes are dashed and their finances nearly depleted.


Networking is the means by which we engage new business friends, seek out innovative and fresh ideas, find useful information, and foster connections that can grow into lasting partnerships. Networking can also secure jobs…


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Use Archetypes for Compelling Stories - Screenwriting for Authors

In your screenwriting efforts, be sure to make use of Archetypes. They are not to be confused with Stereotypes, which are one-dimensional characters we've seen in too many movies.


Archetypes represent elements of our personalities on a primordial level -- the mother, father, teacher, artist, king, etc. They've appeared in countless stories for thousands of years. They reach us on a subconscious level, which is perhaps why they have endured and still have the power to touch…


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Self Published Authors - What They Should Know?

Many things today are much easier, simpler, and faster than 25 years ago. Computers are a regular part of life. Just about everyone has a cell phone. And you don't have to hold a physical book in your hand to read a book. Most people love the new technology. One of the fantastic new changes we have available today is self-publishing a book. First of all, you don't have to sit in front of a typewriter to write a manuscript. Some people, like Woody Allen, still do, but most of us use a…


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Composing Songs - Tips by Nadel Paris for the Composer

The piano is a very useful instrument when composing music because you can test out different chords as you are composing. If you do not like the way one chord sounds you can try a different one by simply pressing the different keys on the piano. If you play piano and want to compose music you are lucky because the piano will be a very helpful tool to help you compose music whether you are writing a song or a piece for piano or other instruments.


Nadel Paris suggests that…


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Be A Voice Actor And A Musician

The voice-over industry is appealing to people from all backgrounds that are looking for a way to make money, work independent of a big corporation, and use their creativity skills. There are those who would like to be actors, others just have unique voices, and there are more people who have ordinary voices who are drawn to the industry so that they can work from home.

Most professional voice actors will tell you that they never stop learning voice-over technique. While…


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Mind Blowing Reasons to Write a Book

Do you feel like a stick in the mud when it comes to writing your book? You've come to a stand still, a road block where you can go no further. No worries; you may just need to open your mind a little; change your thinking. Look for a paradigm shift or a fresh perspective. Before you know it you will be sailing past that impasse blocking your way a few moments ago. At least that's what happened for the author.


Here are 7 mind blowing reasons discussed by Nadel Paris (a…


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Rockstar Voice - Improve Your Vocals with Fast Singing Tips

As a singer you have a great talent for expressing powerful emotions through the art of music. But, there might be a time when it feels like your singing abilities aren't progressing as quickly as you would like anymore.


Getting discovered as a singer is hard if you don't progress past the competition and create a powerful reputation as a vocalist. Try these fast singing tips by…


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Great Dancers Have One Thing in Common

Becoming a great dancer takes a huge amount of work, discipline, dedication and sacrifice. However, there is one important factor that separates the really good dancers from the truly great dancers: passion. To be passionate about something means to love that thing with endless enthusiasm, and every drop of juice in your heart. While it isn't something anyone can touch, it is something they can feel. When passion enters a room, it's contagious... and palpable. It's the thing that makes…


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Music Defining the Essence of Life

Music makes you lose control! Music has the power to rejuvenate, heal and make you feel happy. People across the world enjoy the aesthetics of music and song. From ancient times, it is regarded as a best medicine that can bring smiles to faces. It not only involves emotions, feelings, but also inner desire to feel the essence of life. People often like music of different genre that can bring real joy to them. Music of 70's, 80's and 90's, all are as exiting and thrilling as possible,…


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What Makes A Female Vocalist Very Alluring To The Public?

There is always a female vocalist who has a huge and cult-like following. She is somebody that is very powerful, a lot more influential when compared to people in politics as well as many other high-ranking officials. She demands the love of numerous individuals. Her influence reaches tens of millions globally. Vocalists as well as many other celebrities are incredibly influential in that way. Simply because of the popularity of social networking nowadays, the effectiveness of renowned…


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Hip Hop Urban Culture

Hip hop music is part of hip hop culture predominately among African Americans and Latinos (the other two elements are graffiti art and break dancing). The reasons for the rise in hip hop music are found in the changing urban culture in the United States in the 1970's. Beginning in the 1980's, hip hop culture began its spread across the world. By taking the time to explain a fertile culture expression, students of hip hop music place at our disposal some of the most intriguing investigations…


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Music Production and Sound Engineering: The Difference

Music production involves creating the music from scratch and sound engineering involves mixing the different instruments together so it sounds nice.


For most established D.J.'s, meaning those who have been D.J.'ing for a while whether it is in their bedroom or in the club, music production is the next logical step. Because D.J.'s play so many different types of music they come across a lot of beats and sounds. This inspires some D.J.'s to sample those beats and sounds and…


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Pop Music is The Best Approach to Ease Your Tensions

Music has always been the best way to revivify your sense and soul. No matter what tension is troubling you, a good clip of music can easily reduce your tensions and soothe your life. The music is also known as the best curer for any of your problems. There are numerous categories in the field of music. However, the Pop Music is one of the most beautiful part of modern music. A significant characteristic of such harmonies is that anyone can easily enjoy it in comparison to the melodies that…


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Query and The Importance of Feedback for Screenplay

As a screenwriter, you are going to get feedback on your screenplay, whether you like it or not. Every time you have someone read your film script, they are going to give you their opinion. It is just part of the course. Everyone assumes you want to know what they think. And quite frankly, they are right. You do want to know what they think of your story. But are you prepared for their opinion? …


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How to Start a Successful Acting Career - Nadel Paris

Ok, you have been bitten by the acting bug, and it's giving you a case of the acting "itch". In other words you want to be an actor and just can't think of anything else. Right? Let's see, every time you see a mirror you do all kinds of crazy fun expressions, you try to perform every chance you get because it's just who you are. If I'm correct, then I can also say that it's part of your dream to move to big cities like N.Y. or L.A. to make your dream a reality. However I want to point out…


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